My dog is throwing up clear liquid and doesn’t seem interested in food?

EmiBABE Asked: My dog is throwing up clear liquid and doesn’t seem interested in food?

she's 11yr old and is a chihuahua cross fox terrier and has a bit of arthritis, she was fine yesterday but today shes getting around really slowly and she's been throwing up this clear liquid with bits of white stuff in it, she doesn't seem interest in anything to eat but she drank a bit. her nose is wet which i think is a good sign but i'm home a lone, my mums at work and my dads in the mines and i can't drive what do i do? does anyone know what to do?


James Answered:
ooh, boy–you're in a rough spot.Could she have gotten parvo from another animal?Maybe it's some type of organ failure.Hate to scare you, but it DOES sound serious.If you can't go anywhere for help, try and call the vet–maybe there's an emergency vet in your area.

Otherwise, just stay with her–keep an eye on her.Your little dog may be at the end, so keep her comfy and keep her company.Sleep right on the kitchen floor with her.I'm sorry.

ChiMom Answered:
keep her comfortable…see if she will drink water maybe she ate a piece of grass and will stop throwing up when the blade of grass comes up. Sometimes dogs throw up and no body knows why. Just tell your Parents and let them take her to the vet if needed.

Adopt a mutt Answered:

I would hold off on the food for 24 hours to give her tummy a rest. Just make sure she is not getting dehydrated. If she has difficulties holding down the water she is risking getting dehydrated so keep an eye on her. Depending on how much and often she is throwing up you can take her to the vet who can give her an injection to help with the throwing up. I had to do that one time with my little one as she could not hold down water even. If she holds the water, make sure her eyes are clear and her gums and tongue look healthy. In all cases of uncertainty, always call the vet for best advice. The internet can only take you so far as we are no vets and cant also see your dog. Hope she feels better soon

Mauser Gew 98 Answered:
You should not be on answer you should be taking your por dog to the vets as quickly as possible

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